This is the first post in a what might be several about the current financial dramas and stresses associated with the COVID 19 pandemic. I will say it now and in all of the following posts, this is a global situation, we are not alone and we will work together to get through this.

One April 17th Meg Keys (me) hosted a webinar with the amazing help of Jenna Goldin of Math LLC to teach folks the importance of a Profit & Loss, especially in the time of accessing COVID funding.

The following video is a review of the P&L, some active funding streams as of April 17, 2020 and the questions around these funds as well as a “how-to-use” the SimplePNL spreadsheet available for download. If you would like access to this template please email me and I will provide this for you!

Here’s the video, enjoy!

Link to the template here

The featured images has been provided by the amazing Jacky Mitrius Andrews of Howl & Rose