We are you. We are an overworked small business looking for solutions to help us know where our money is coming from and going to. We are trying to just keep our business organized and make things like budgeting and taxes easier to deal with. We all strive to balance between independence and care in our careers. Here are some of my favorite tools that help to keep me organized so I can keep hustling.

Accounting & Business Management Products 

Payroll = Gusto!

Trust me when I tell you that Gusto is by far the best and most efficient payroll provider out there. It’s easy to set up, their customer service is great, and you will find that it’s so hands off once it’s all running you will be learning to knit with all the extra time you have!

Accounting = QuickBooks

Don’t waste time with any of the freelancer or self-employed options, they are not worth the money as they are actually just an upcycled program. The Simple Start, Essentials and Plus offer you more reporting options, invoicing and individualization. Check out pricing here!

Time Tracking = Clockify

Track and manage your project hours with Clockify. It has a simple user interface with all the features I need for organizing projects and tasks. I’ve found that it’s way easier to use than Toggl and other applications. Plus the major incentive of no hidden costs.

Excel Master = Vertex42

Do you love Excel but are not using it to its full potential? Vertex42 creates a variety of Excel templates that are available for FREE! You might be surprised by all the possibilities 🙂

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