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Sometimes the biggest obstacle to growth is knowing the right time to ask for help. MKBK founder Meg Keys has over 20 years of experience partnering with business owners to scale and improve operations, starting with keeping books for her father’s contracting company when she was in high school. Meg has worked with all types of companies, in all sorts of industries: from design studios, to metal shops, to a cannabis farm… just to name a few.

Meg’s approach depends on your needs, but she always begins by taking time to review your existing systems, catalogue your current frustrations, and really listen to what you’d like to achieve in the years to come–whether that’s living a simple life in the mountains, or scaling your business to a multi-million dollar company.

Empowering Your Numbers

Meghan completely transformed my business’s financial systems and helped empower me to thoroughly understand and manage my books. Her extensive knowledge, honest communication and sense of humor allowed me to safely ask questions and grow in confidence that I was thriving not just in the creative aspects of my practice, but also in the administrative. She has been an invaluable resource and sounding board helping me address my company’s changing needs over the years.




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